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“Very different than any other experience I’ve had with a company, and the team’s results were shocking. Lexi is incredibly charming. Her people really know what they are doing and have the skills to back it up. You can only dream of this stuff when it comes to hiring a digital agency. No empty promises, no upsells. They tell you upfront they only specialize in certain things… They tell you what you need to do and then get the job done. “

Vincenzo Nunziata
Business Development at Savino Del Bene

“Smart, knowledgeable, you don’t have to explain 10 times the same thing to get the job done. You have not even finished to express what you intend to do that she gets it and comes with a solution and believe me, not a plain vanilla solution but always something out of the ordinary, something that catches your attention immediately. No wonder her company name includes the name Darling and her modo is Seduction: she is different, she likes to provoke, she is good. I am happy I met her.”

Serge Massat
President of Massat Consulting Group 

“Lexi and her team deliver the best experience in any tech company I’ve ever worked with. From the moment you first meet, she makes you understand the process and genuinely cares about your business. She’s very good with explaining her services in a way that you can understand it. I actually met Lexi here on LinkedIn and intend to continue working together.”

Kirk Rhoads
Manager at Green Tea Merchant